Lymphoedema Clinic

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The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital’s Lymphoedema Clinic is an outpatient treatment program designed to help people who are living with lymphoedema or who may be at risk of developing the condition.

Lymphoedema is a condition that can cause swelling in one or more regions of the body from accumulation of lymph fluid. It can occur as a result of cancer treatment, such as the removal of lymph nodes or radiotherapy, and its onset can range from months to years after surgery or treatment. Whilst the condition usually affects the limb(s) it can also affect other areas such as the trunk, breast, head and neck or genital area.


The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital’s Rehabilitation Service provides a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services, including assessment, treatment and ongoing care for people during all life stages for a wide range of conditions. We meet our patients’ needs by providing excellent continuity of care, hands on therapy and rehabilitation.

Lymphoedema predominantly affects cancer patients and can be quite overwhelming for those diagnosed. In addition to swelling, symptoms include aching and discomfort or heaviness and a feeling of fullness in the affected area. If lymphoedema is picked up early, interventions can begin which can minimise most of the symptoms. Lymphoedema is a progressive disease that can continue to worsen if it is not treated, eventually leading to extreme swelling and skin changes.

About the service

The treatment of lymphoedema at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital is individualised for each patient and may include prescription of compression garments, lymphatic drainage massage, compression bandaging, targeted exercises, and education and skin care advice.

All patients are cared for by a multi-disciplinary team including qualified lymphoedema specialists using best-practice treatments.

The Lymphoedema Clinic aims to reduce the risk of lymphoedema forming, increase mobility and range of motion, decrease the risk of cellulitis and, ultimately, to improve quality of life.

Program inclusions

The program includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Bandaging and garments (if required)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage (lymphatic massage)
  • Tailored exercise and education programs

Program costs

Costs of the program may be supported by:

  • Medicare rebates
  • Private health funds (such as hospital or extras cover)
  • Self-funding

Suitability and referral

If you are interested in attending this program, please speak to your GP or specialist who can make a referral to the program using the referral form. The Lymphoedema Clinic team will provide an assessment to ensure suitability and confirm the program will meet your needs.